Friday, 6 April 2018

How to Grow Your Fox Fur Scarves Trend with New Fashion

Small fashion accessories can make a big difference to looks. Also, how one wears a particular accessory and carries it off with aplomb differentiates the ordinary woman from the woman of style. A scarf is not a major fashion accessory but one which completes the ensemble, especially when one chooses the right scarf to go with the right dress.

Platinum fox fur scarf - cream

Scarves can be chosen from wool, silk, synthetics or fur. When it comes to real fur scarves, they are in a class apart. Even in fur scarves, the standout scarves are fox fur scarves and real chinchilla scarf as can be obtained from fur store, the world’s leading fur scarf maker. There is a lush, warm, sensuous feel to full-bodied Amifur fox fur scarves, whether these are in blue, brown, pink, arctic firefox or silver fox with its exotic and exquisite silver tips. Just the simple act of draping the scarf loosely to hang at the front can be a style statement in itself. One can take it to the next level by adding a fashionable twist to make it trendier than ever. As said before, how one wears a scarf makes a lot of difference.

Cross fox fur scarf

Consider the classic infinity loop. One can tie or hook the ends together and then give the scarf a couple of twists. The next step is to loop it around the neck. The smoothly flowing interleaved loops confer superbly stylish looks.

A simple yet elegantly cool look can be achieved by draping the chinchilla scarf over the neck. Instead of letting the loops dangle, they are tucked inside the lower garment or into a belt, mimicking the looks of a brief vest.

Color can make a lot of difference. Dress in black and the image is provocatively sexy. Top this with lushly luxurious golden fox fur and the counterpoint to black is simply stunning. Let one end dangle at the front and throw the other end over your neck. There is a care-free insouciance that will simply floor people.

Fox fur scarf black - with pom poms

One knot is good to tie. Two knots redefine the way one wears genuine fur scarves. In fact, if one chooses a long enough fur scarf, it can be braided to project a fuller, more rounded looks that enhance the personality of wearer no end. Real fur scarves are designed to suit women of all ages and tastes and are available in a breathtaking range of types and designs to create a stir in the fashion teacup.

For times when it gets rather cool, drape the scarf over the head to cover the ears and then wrap the ends around the neck in opposite directions. The face is perfectly and saucily framed by fur, enchanting and endearing in its appeal. Alternatively, wear it as a headdress, wrapping it once around the head, interleaving the ends and letting them dangle around the neck and shoulders in a devil may care approach and you could have heads turning.

The very simplicity of construction of the scarf lends itself admirably to a number of permutations and combinations, each one a style statement in itself.


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