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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How to use Fox Fur Scarves with Other Accessories - Women Take Note

Women are constantly driven by a desire to look stylishly appealing and attractive all the time. They can be great copycats. If a celebrity wears particular apparel or an accessory then you can be sure millions of women will wear the same type of dress or hair do or shoes or carry the same type of handbag. It is easy to imitate but difficult to create a style statement of one’s own.
Green Fox Fur Scarves

Women who desire to look different from the crowd that blindly follows celebrity styles would do well to take a look at fur accessories for women. Real fur scarves should be at the top of their shopping list and Fox fur scarves from Amifur being so affordable there is no reason to stick to only one fur scarf.  Women should have a pink fox fur scarf, a blue fox fur scarf, a silver tipped fox fur scarf and a white fox fur scarf in their wardrobe. Each contributes to a refreshingly different look for women.

First about the scarf. It is a sort of universal add on fashion accessory. You can just lazily loop it over your shoulder over any type of dress and you will look striking. For even more striking looks, match the fox fur scarf to the dress, sunglasses, handbag and shoes.
Violet Fox Fur Scarves

A white scarf of fur would provide the perfect counterpoint to a dark dress and can be worn to formal occasions with great aplomb. A silver tip fox fur scarf is even more attractive and exotic when matched with gray, black or white dresses and dark sunglasses as well as red lipstick. A woman looks sumptuously and gorgeously exotic when she drapes one end of such a scarf over her shoulder and lets the other dangle loose at the front. 

A pink scarf would look so well with rust, burgundy or grey dresses. Just do not forget to wear a slim bracelet around your wrist, let your hair go loose instead of tying it into a bun and ten wear glasses and cherry red lipstick. The effect is totally irresistible.

A fur scarf of the right color paired with the right dress can make a woman look gorgeously vampish or formally correct. A blue or gray fox scarf with gray or black dress, black shoes, silver bracelet and ear rings can suit women who must attend formal meetings. She will look correctly dressed and, at the same time, simply outstanding.
Pink Fox Fur Scarves

How to wear the scarf also has a bearing on the impact it can create. The casual way is to let it loop over the shoulders and rest in the front. A carefree, insouciant look may be achieved by letting one end dangle at the front, loop the other one once around the neck and throw it over the shoulder. Knot it around your neck loosely or tightly and each time you project a different image. Just tie it around your hips if you want to be 180 degrees different in all ways.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

How to Look Smarter By Wearing Men's Fur Accessories

A peacock struts about and displays his ample feathers to attract a mate. Pluck his feathers and he would look bedraggled and woebegone. It is not that much different when it comes to men who must wear the best clothes and accessories in order to impress everyone.

real fur scarves

Normal men wear the standard set of clothing and shoes. Men who wish to appear stylish will go beyond in choosing the right set of smart accessories like sunglasses, bracelets and watches. Just look at a man attired in stylish clothes and a man attired in stylish clothes with the right set of accessories and there is no doubt the latter appears far better of the two and impresses people. Men who wish to appear in a class apart, uber stylish and sexy can opt for fur.

There is something smooth and polished and silkily suave about fur that impresses even more. Men can don fur hats in winter, fur coats in winter and men’s fur scarf as super stylish adornment. Men’s fur accessories from Amifur are designed to raise the style quotient of smart guys and make them dramatically sexier and smarter.

fox fur hats

Why fur accessories in general and a fur scarf in particular? There is something primordial in fur that goes straight to the psyche of onlookers. One can say fur is gold whereas fabric is like silver or less in value of impact. Fur has a three dimensionality to it that even the best fabrics lack. There is color and texture and elements of time and space that coalesce in fur and give it a tremendous appeal.
Men who wear fur can be perceived as being uber rich and in a class apart. They can be viewed as being tough and outdoorsy types. What they will not be considered is as being normal men in the street. Fur makes men stand apart. A fur scarf can be the perfect stylish accessory because it can be worn in so many different ways.

Men's Fur Accessories

One of the simplest ways to achieve a special effect is to wear one end loosely dangling in the front while the other is looped around the neck and thrown over the shoulder. Then there are variations in the form of tying a knot loosely in front and draping both ends over the shoulders or let them dangle in the front. One can drape the fur scarf over the head and stay snugly warm or just let the scarf rest on the shoulders and the ends dangle down. One can tie the scarf around the midriff. The variations are endless and each one is a style statement in itself. You can convey a different impression each time by simply varying the style of wearing the fur accessory for men.

Men may not wear fur hats or coats in summer but there is no reason why fur scarf cannot be worn. It is a fashion accessory that endows far more than a gold link bracelet or the best sunglasses can to altering looks.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Add Glamour to Your Outfit with Real Fur Hats

Humans have covered their heads since the start of time. Initially, the headwear was introduced as a protection product but then a whole generation of headwear came into being with top hats being the most favorite among people. Hats are emerging as a style statement for the men all over the world. It is very common to see a man wearing different ones for different occasions, like beach parties, dinner, ordinary activities, dancing, etc. As far as the seasonality is concerned, it is the same for both sexes. Boys can also take the help of carefully chosen hats to create a mystery around him, which the girls like most.
Authentic Lynx fur hat

Hats are a very popular wear during the winter; they keep your head covered and warm. There are wide ranges of hats in the market, but fur hats have been over the years a new winter trend. Apart from keeping you warm, these are very fashionable and comfortable to put on. The hats are made from mink fur, fox fur, rabbit fur, which is the real deal. Faux fur has also been in the spotlight for quite some time in the fashion world. Real fur is now being used in making fur accessories.  A hat not only gives one a stylish look but also keeps you warm during winter. The caps can break or make an outfit especially while at a certain occasion. A hat should fit both the functionality and fashion of the event; if one is left out, it ruins the look. Amifur Real Fur hats come in different forms, colors, and designs.
Marten fur hat

The most popular hat for winter is the beanie. It comes in a wide variety of knitted materials, styles, and colors.  They can fit tightly over your head or slouch down towards the back. They are warm, durable, and are very practical aside from being a fashion staple. These look best with casual daywear outfits. The ushanka is also known as trapper hat generally have a thick, furry lining, both in the exterior and interior being furred. There would be flexible ear flaps on both sides of the head. The ushanka is one of the warmest options available for winters. It encompasses the style component along with the need to keep warm. It is advisable to pair it up with a long overcoat. 

Sable fur hat

Wearing a fur hat adds sophistication to your look and has always been a trend over the years. A glamorous and stylish look can get achieved by opting for a sable fur hat without flaps. Sable hats look very stylish and add glamour to one’s outfit. The hats have been there for a long time, mostly worn by wealthy Russian women in the past. This looks very feminine; thus many ladies from young to old have fallen in love with them.
Lynx fur hat - Russian style

 Fur hats have always been and will always be popular among ladies. This is because they offer you something that is rare among many products: convenience and beauty. They are convenient in that they are designed to protect you from the cold winters yet beautiful enough to enable you to make a fashion statement. Marvelously light in weight yet so comfortable, these head coverings provide the best protection in comparison to wool or any other material. Even when temperatures fall several degrees below freezing you can be sure your head and ears receive complete protection against wintry winds.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Fur Scarves add zing to Men Attire

Scarves are a piece of fabric that is worn around the neck for warmth, to protect from sun, cleanliness, fashion or religious reasons. Scarves have been worn since ancient time.  Scarves came into being as a real fashion accessory by the early 19th century for both men and women. In the mid of the 20th century, scarves had turned to be the most essential and versatile clothing accessories for both male and female. Scarves are worn by people for various reasons; in cold climatic region, a thick scarf often made from wool or fur is worn to keep the neck warm. In dry, dusty and warm climatic zones or areas, a thin headscarf, is worn over the mouth, nose, and eyes and to keep the head clean. Over time this trend has evolved to a fashionable trend among women.

Rex Fur Scarf
Fur scarves are incredible accessories for almost all your attire is it casual, classy or work. The scarf which is a piece of fabric can add much elegance to your dress. A scarf made of other fabric is simple but a scarf made from fur is varied and it can be cloaked in different ways with different kinds of cloth. Since fur is a luxury fabric, it will always be dandified, flamboyant and rich. The Real fur scarves from Amifur are dazzling, fashionable, lavish, sexy and spectacular. Besides adding to one's clothing the scarves keep you comfortable, cosy and warm in the cold winter season. The real fur scarves by Amifur use calendared, etch and lustrous fur for the rich and pricy look.

Men's blue fox fur scarf
Scarves are no longer exclusively meant for women. Look stylish and suave by teaming a scarf with a heavy jacket and make heads turn. Men should not worry about wearing scarves as well. In reality, men putting on these are nearly the trend right now. Men fur scarves get favour with males and they have taken to scarves in a significant strategy. The scarf have shown the fact that sober business clothing can easily change to an informal outfit good enough to be put on for a night time out in just one hasty switch.

Raccoon fur scarf
Scarves are a rare but very classy adornment while employed by gentlemen as part of their apparel. The scarf was earlier used only by girls and is still noticed by some as a woman’s addition, nonetheless, men’s styles have witnessed huge changes in recent years and the scarf continues to be tweaked and evolved slightly to fit their style. These scarves provide the individual that additional chunk of sophistication and suaveness to his identity. Silk scarves, besides incorporating sophisticated style to the wearer help with keeping the user using it, warm in the cold winds and in dry dusty places, they are used as the safeguard for the head, nose, and mouth. The utilitarian aspect of this fashion product has added to its attractiveness.

Beaver fur scarf - long
Scarves are fantastic accessories because they accentuate your face. They draw attention up to your beautiful smile and your sparkling eyes and your memorable hair. Like a picture frame, they frame your face and make you stand out.  Scarves have been in trend and could always continue to be an integral part of the switching fads mainly because their fashion is evergreen and they integrates with with any ensemble adding to the style of the ensemble and embellishing the person.

Friday, 6 April 2018

How to Grow Your Fox Fur Scarves Trend with New Fashion

Small fashion accessories can make a big difference to looks. Also, how one wears a particular accessory and carries it off with aplomb differentiates the ordinary woman from the woman of style. A scarf is not a major fashion accessory but one which completes the ensemble, especially when one chooses the right scarf to go with the right dress.

Platinum fox fur scarf - cream

Scarves can be chosen from wool, silk, synthetics or fur. When it comes to real fur scarves, they are in a class apart. Even in fur scarves, the standout scarves are fox fur scarves and real chinchilla scarf as can be obtained from fur store, the world’s leading fur scarf maker. There is a lush, warm, sensuous feel to full-bodied Amifur fox fur scarves, whether these are in blue, brown, pink, arctic firefox or silver fox with its exotic and exquisite silver tips. Just the simple act of draping the scarf loosely to hang at the front can be a style statement in itself. One can take it to the next level by adding a fashionable twist to make it trendier than ever. As said before, how one wears a scarf makes a lot of difference.

Cross fox fur scarf

Consider the classic infinity loop. One can tie or hook the ends together and then give the scarf a couple of twists. The next step is to loop it around the neck. The smoothly flowing interleaved loops confer superbly stylish looks.

A simple yet elegantly cool look can be achieved by draping the chinchilla scarf over the neck. Instead of letting the loops dangle, they are tucked inside the lower garment or into a belt, mimicking the looks of a brief vest.

Color can make a lot of difference. Dress in black and the image is provocatively sexy. Top this with lushly luxurious golden fox fur and the counterpoint to black is simply stunning. Let one end dangle at the front and throw the other end over your neck. There is a care-free insouciance that will simply floor people.

Fox fur scarf black - with pom poms

One knot is good to tie. Two knots redefine the way one wears genuine fur scarves. In fact, if one chooses a long enough fur scarf, it can be braided to project a fuller, more rounded looks that enhance the personality of wearer no end. Real fur scarves are designed to suit women of all ages and tastes and are available in a breathtaking range of types and designs to create a stir in the fashion teacup.

For times when it gets rather cool, drape the scarf over the head to cover the ears and then wrap the ends around the neck in opposite directions. The face is perfectly and saucily framed by fur, enchanting and endearing in its appeal. Alternatively, wear it as a headdress, wrapping it once around the head, interleaving the ends and letting them dangle around the neck and shoulders in a devil may care approach and you could have heads turning.

The very simplicity of construction of the scarf lends itself admirably to a number of permutations and combinations, each one a style statement in itself.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Men’s Fur Hats: Tips for Best Fashion

There is a time and place for everything. Fashions cycle. Men’s fashion these days lean towards the use of fur. Fur has always been timeless but this time around it is back with a vengeance and men seem to be diving headlong into all sorts of furry articles of wear topped by hats of fur.
Mink fur hat for men - Russian style - Black

If the season is right and the air gets a bit chilly it is time to put on men’s fur hats from Amifur, the leader in stylish fur fashion accessories. Fur on a woman can make her look cuddlesome and cute but in men fur hats, especially mink hat men wear with pride or Russian mink hat men love to show off confer a distinctly different air. There is an air of polished savage, a sophisticated hunter and a man who loves nature. What air one project depends on how one wears the hat.

Mink hat men’s style goes best with body hugging outfits. One can choose body contoured jeans and a pullover. One can just as well wear something more formal but the cut has to be stylish for the fur hat to stand out.

Beaver fur hat - russian style

Letting the ear flaps dangle down is one style and good for winter. However, if it is not that cold outside, the flaps can be tucked inside the hat and the hat can be set at a rakish angle to one side of the head. Alternatively, one can wear it pushed a little back of the front of the head.

Dark clothes denote depth but there is no rule that says one cannot wear paler shades. In fact the dark and slinky mink could stand out in stark contrast to project an altogether different image when paired with lighter shades.

Mink fur hat russian

What about shades or sunglasses? Would they go well with fur? Why not try and see? Dark wraparound style sunglasses can make a man look mysterious and a bit out of this world. Rainbow hued coated sunglasses are definitely funky and if you have the pizazz you can carry it off.  One has to be a bit bold and depart from established norms in order to set a trend or create a personalized statement.

These days every other man one comes across has a light to medium beard and a moustache. It is the style. Perhaps it is convenient because one does not have to shave but the fuzz on the face can set off the mink fur and complement each other to show you as being hip and cool.

Sable fur hat

Whatever one does and despite what environmentalists say, never ever choose faux fur. Fakes simply do not cut it. If one must wear fur it must be genuine and mink fur is poles apart from any other for the man of the world wishing to appear suave and yet macho at the same time. Men’s fur hats are crafted from genuine, top grade mink obtained from Russia where the best minks come from. It is the way to go.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Fashion Trends to Keep Warm in Every Winter

Human beings are not cold-blooded animals who can adapt to any weather temperature. For this reason, we need winter clothes. The winter apparel keeps us warm during the snowy and cold season and enables us to do things we like to do despite the cold temperature.  
Golden fire fox fur hat Russian style

The arrival of winter doesn't have to be negative. Along with this season comes the fur season. The comfy clothes we wore in the carefree seasons of spring and winter cannot sustain the cold anymore.  While we rely on winter clothes for warmth and comfort, as humans we tend to be visual and therefore we have to make sure that we look great while maintaining the comfort.

Sable fur hat

Winter season is the best time for fur fashion. The fur garments are the best way to bundle up during the winter season. One also needs to keep their head warm. Then how are we going to keep the head warm? There maybe knitted caps but if you want the most of warmth and style, fur hats may be just for you. Sometimes the winter accessories halter our style. Taking the cues from the street style set, we have rounded up several hats to keep you warm during the winter.  

Grey Sapphire Fox Fur Hat

During the winter season, fur hats have been a popular fashion trend. A hat not only gives one a stylish look but also keeps you warm during winter. The caps can break or makes an outfit, especially on certain occasions. So finding one that suits you and your attire is a challenge. For those women wishing to be trendy sable fur hat is the answer. Sable is a pure luxury. It is a very lightweight fur with an unbelievably silky touch. The colour range of sable is quite wide

Black mink fur hat - Russian Style - Created with black mink fur remnants

Hats are very a very popular wear during the winter; they keep our head covered and warm. There is a broad range of hats in the market, but fur hats have been over the year a new winter trend. Besides keeping you warm, fur hats are fashionable and comfortable to put on. The hats are made from mink fur, fox fur, rabbit fur, which is a real deal. Amifur Real fur hats look very stylish and they add glamour to one's outfits. The hat looks very feminine and thus many ladies both young and old have fallen in love with them.

Mink fur hat Ushanka

Not dressing for the weather is never in fashion – after all, shivering is pretty unflattering and yet, sometimes cold weather accessories cramp our style. Especially when it comes to comes to hats. Finding a hat that suit you and your attire is a challenge. Have the best winter accessories that perfectly match your winter apparels. 

Fur hats look very stylish and thus add glamour to one’s apparels. The hats have been there since long years back and are worn mostly by the wealthy Russian women in the past. In present days many ladies from young to old have fallen in love with the fur hats due to their feminine looks.