Thursday, 5 April 2018

Men’s Fur Hats: Tips for Best Fashion

There is a time and place for everything. Fashions cycle. Men’s fashion these days lean towards the use of fur. Fur has always been timeless but this time around it is back with a vengeance and men seem to be diving headlong into all sorts of furry articles of wear topped by hats of fur.
Mink fur hat for men - Russian style - Black

If the season is right and the air gets a bit chilly it is time to put on men’s fur hats from Amifur, the leader in stylish fur fashion accessories. Fur on a woman can make her look cuddlesome and cute but in men fur hats, especially mink hat men wear with pride or Russian mink hat men love to show off confer a distinctly different air. There is an air of polished savage, a sophisticated hunter and a man who loves nature. What air one project depends on how one wears the hat.

Mink hat men’s style goes best with body hugging outfits. One can choose body contoured jeans and a pullover. One can just as well wear something more formal but the cut has to be stylish for the fur hat to stand out.

Beaver fur hat - russian style

Letting the ear flaps dangle down is one style and good for winter. However, if it is not that cold outside, the flaps can be tucked inside the hat and the hat can be set at a rakish angle to one side of the head. Alternatively, one can wear it pushed a little back of the front of the head.

Dark clothes denote depth but there is no rule that says one cannot wear paler shades. In fact the dark and slinky mink could stand out in stark contrast to project an altogether different image when paired with lighter shades.

Mink fur hat russian

What about shades or sunglasses? Would they go well with fur? Why not try and see? Dark wraparound style sunglasses can make a man look mysterious and a bit out of this world. Rainbow hued coated sunglasses are definitely funky and if you have the pizazz you can carry it off.  One has to be a bit bold and depart from established norms in order to set a trend or create a personalized statement.

These days every other man one comes across has a light to medium beard and a moustache. It is the style. Perhaps it is convenient because one does not have to shave but the fuzz on the face can set off the mink fur and complement each other to show you as being hip and cool.

Sable fur hat

Whatever one does and despite what environmentalists say, never ever choose faux fur. Fakes simply do not cut it. If one must wear fur it must be genuine and mink fur is poles apart from any other for the man of the world wishing to appear suave and yet macho at the same time. Men’s fur hats are crafted from genuine, top grade mink obtained from Russia where the best minks come from. It is the way to go.


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