Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How to use Fox Fur Scarves with Other Accessories - Women Take Note

Women are constantly driven by a desire to look stylishly appealing and attractive all the time. They can be great copycats. If a celebrity wears particular apparel or an accessory then you can be sure millions of women will wear the same type of dress or hair do or shoes or carry the same type of handbag. It is easy to imitate but difficult to create a style statement of one’s own.
Green Fox Fur Scarves

Women who desire to look different from the crowd that blindly follows celebrity styles would do well to take a look at fur accessories for women. Real fur scarves should be at the top of their shopping list and Fox fur scarves from Amifur being so affordable there is no reason to stick to only one fur scarf.  Women should have a pink fox fur scarf, a blue fox fur scarf, a silver tipped fox fur scarf and a white fox fur scarf in their wardrobe. Each contributes to a refreshingly different look for women.

First about the scarf. It is a sort of universal add on fashion accessory. You can just lazily loop it over your shoulder over any type of dress and you will look striking. For even more striking looks, match the fox fur scarf to the dress, sunglasses, handbag and shoes.
Violet Fox Fur Scarves

A white scarf of fur would provide the perfect counterpoint to a dark dress and can be worn to formal occasions with great aplomb. A silver tip fox fur scarf is even more attractive and exotic when matched with gray, black or white dresses and dark sunglasses as well as red lipstick. A woman looks sumptuously and gorgeously exotic when she drapes one end of such a scarf over her shoulder and lets the other dangle loose at the front. 

A pink scarf would look so well with rust, burgundy or grey dresses. Just do not forget to wear a slim bracelet around your wrist, let your hair go loose instead of tying it into a bun and ten wear glasses and cherry red lipstick. The effect is totally irresistible.

A fur scarf of the right color paired with the right dress can make a woman look gorgeously vampish or formally correct. A blue or gray fox scarf with gray or black dress, black shoes, silver bracelet and ear rings can suit women who must attend formal meetings. She will look correctly dressed and, at the same time, simply outstanding.
Pink Fox Fur Scarves

How to wear the scarf also has a bearing on the impact it can create. The casual way is to let it loop over the shoulders and rest in the front. A carefree, insouciant look may be achieved by letting one end dangle at the front, loop the other one once around the neck and throw it over the shoulder. Knot it around your neck loosely or tightly and each time you project a different image. Just tie it around your hips if you want to be 180 degrees different in all ways.


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