Tuesday, 5 June 2018

How to Look Smarter By Wearing Men's Fur Accessories

A peacock struts about and displays his ample feathers to attract a mate. Pluck his feathers and he would look bedraggled and woebegone. It is not that much different when it comes to men who must wear the best clothes and accessories in order to impress everyone.

real fur scarves

Normal men wear the standard set of clothing and shoes. Men who wish to appear stylish will go beyond in choosing the right set of smart accessories like sunglasses, bracelets and watches. Just look at a man attired in stylish clothes and a man attired in stylish clothes with the right set of accessories and there is no doubt the latter appears far better of the two and impresses people. Men who wish to appear in a class apart, uber stylish and sexy can opt for fur.

There is something smooth and polished and silkily suave about fur that impresses even more. Men can don fur hats in winter, fur coats in winter and men’s fur scarf as super stylish adornment. Men’s fur accessories from Amifur are designed to raise the style quotient of smart guys and make them dramatically sexier and smarter.

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Why fur accessories in general and a fur scarf in particular? There is something primordial in fur that goes straight to the psyche of onlookers. One can say fur is gold whereas fabric is like silver or less in value of impact. Fur has a three dimensionality to it that even the best fabrics lack. There is color and texture and elements of time and space that coalesce in fur and give it a tremendous appeal.
Men who wear fur can be perceived as being uber rich and in a class apart. They can be viewed as being tough and outdoorsy types. What they will not be considered is as being normal men in the street. Fur makes men stand apart. A fur scarf can be the perfect stylish accessory because it can be worn in so many different ways.

Men's Fur Accessories

One of the simplest ways to achieve a special effect is to wear one end loosely dangling in the front while the other is looped around the neck and thrown over the shoulder. Then there are variations in the form of tying a knot loosely in front and draping both ends over the shoulders or let them dangle in the front. One can drape the fur scarf over the head and stay snugly warm or just let the scarf rest on the shoulders and the ends dangle down. One can tie the scarf around the midriff. The variations are endless and each one is a style statement in itself. You can convey a different impression each time by simply varying the style of wearing the fur accessory for men.

Men may not wear fur hats or coats in summer but there is no reason why fur scarf cannot be worn. It is a fashion accessory that endows far more than a gold link bracelet or the best sunglasses can to altering looks.


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