Friday, 4 August 2017

Use Real Fur Hats and Capture the Quintessential Soul of Gorgeous Russian Women

In recent times celebrities have added a touch of flair and fun to headgear by topping hats with fur pom-poms. They look charming, fun and the weaving, bobbing pompom signifies youth and energy. It is also fashionable and a dynamic attention getter because, each time a woman as much as shakes her heads or nods, the pom-pom swings.

real fur hats

Does fur deserve to be treated with such frivolity one may ask? It does and it does not. When it comes to head gear one can put on fun hats with a dash of fur if one is so inclined. For more serious use and if one wishes to convey a sense of class, timeless elegance, distinction and charming beauty, there are more sober yet gracefully elegant real fur hats from Amifur in Russian styles to consider.

The most popular style is ushanka, a hat made of mink, fox or sable pelts stitched together to form a covering for the head with two ear flaps dangling by the sides that can be kept lowered or when used by men, tied up on top of the hat. Kubanka style, on the other hand,  is round in shape with a flat top and it is made from pelts of black fox famed for its long fur. Kubankas simply transform looks of women and form a gorgeous frame for their heads. 

real fur hats

Traditionally Ku Bankas were handed down by mothers to their daughters and formed prized family heirlooms. This style spread to nearby Scandinavian countries and it rivals the Ushanka in looks and popularity. The Kubanka sits prettily on the head but one can enhance the style a bit further by adding a tail.

In fact, Russian women of days gone by (and present too) value their fur hats and it is her soul. A gold ring and a custom made hat of the most expensive pelt or cheaper one are must haves. A woman may not wear it all the time but she will certainly display it prominently for guests to admire. She would sell it or part with it only in dire circumstances. 

real fur hats

This is how much the Russian woman values her hat made of beaver, sable, mink or fox fur.  It has substance in that the hat offers full protection during winters. It has the style because the soft, shiny and fluffy hat adds a lot of pizzazz to a personality.

An ushanka or a kubanka, if made from a single piece of pelt, can be terribly expensive and most women would admire Russian women bedecked in a fur hat but would not dare to splurge but with the best fur store on the scene offering genuinely heavenly hats at down to earth prices, she can get not just an ushanka or a kubanka in one type of fur but a dozen if she is so minded. 

real fur hats
The reason why fur store offerings are priced so low is that they are crafted carefully from the best fur remnants left over after making high-end stoles or scarves and have captured the essence of Russia in their creations that look and feel oh-so luxuriously rich as well as stylish.


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