Monday, 31 July 2017

How to Start Collection of Real Fur Scarves at the best Prices

Women and fur are made for each other and that could possibly be a reason why the material has never gone out of fashion. A celebrity attired in a glorious mink stole attracts attention and it is the same even if it is a woman walking down the street wearing something made of this inestimable material. It is slinky, smooth, soft, caressingly warm to touch with a sensuous feel and texture that no other material can rival.
real fur scarves

Take a scarf, for instance. If it is made of plain fabric like silk, nylon or chiffon, the look is airy and light but nowhere can it rival the full and gorgeous looks of scarves made of fur. Scarves are utilitarian and beautifying accessories that a woman can drape over her shoulders in a casual way, wrap around her neck, throw one end behind and let one end dangle in front or wrap it around her head and create a different style each time.

It is light in weight yet it appears filled out, creating a striking counterpoint for the dress, face, and hair. If it is gorgeous in looks, it can also be quite pricey if one wants the genuine stuff. However,  genuine Amifur real fur scarves are priced so affordably that a woman can possess not just one but she can start a collection of scarves made of this priceless material.

real fur scarves

How this is possible is a question one may ask? The answer is that fur store makes use of the best material but these pieces are remnants left over after creating top quality high-end accessories. These remnants are matched and then stitched together by hand so skillfully that the entire piece appears as if it is made from a single pelt. This is one reason why a fox fur scarf, whether it is attic fire fox, brown fox, pink, white or silver fox scarf, is priced so affordably costing just a few hundred Euros whereas a single piece equivalent quality scarf would cost thousands of Euros.

The same technique of using left over pieces is used in the creation of mink scarves with their glorious sheen and gorgeous textures and for cable scarves. Another reason is fur store is a family run business operating as a small unit with low overheads and dealing directly with buyers across the world. This cuts out middlemen and dealers who add their own markup.
real fur scarves

Fur has lasting value. It can be used for decades with proper care and it can be used in summer as a light drape and in winter as a cozy wrap around. In any season and for any 


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