Monday, 28 November 2016

Top 7 Trending Names of Russian Sable Fur Hats

Russian fur hats are one of the sophisticated trends in today’s society. Russian fur hats were once thought to be a luxury signature; however, the revolution in the world of fashion has changed that. The quality and choice of material used to make Russian fur hat varies, which is why the cost of these fur hats varies.
sable fur hat
There are Russian sable fur hats for men and women at Amifur, these comfortable and functional hats are available in different colors, patterns, and style. Choosing a particular Russian fur hat depends on different factors; for some it’s the desire to pass a fashion statement or look chic even during the winter period, while for others it’s all about keeping themselves warm. Asides the aforementioned reasons, individual preferences for style and fashion might also influence the selection of a particular Russian fur hat.

The seven top names given to the different types of Russian sable fur hats include the following;
1.      Klobuk (pointed fur hat): this type of Russian fur hat adds a unique touch of style to the fashion statement of an individual. It’s a pointed fur hat with a trim of fur.
sable fur hat

2.      Russian Ushanka fur hat: this is a renowned type of Russian fur hat in different parts of the world. Over the years, this type of Russian fur hat has replaced other types of fur hats; it has become the predominant type of Russian fur hat for the winter. This hat has certain fashion details that keep the ear warm during the winter. The fur hat is designed with a visor that unfolds to protect the eyes from falling snow flakes. It also has strings to keep the ears warm when it’s very cold.

3.      Klobuk (Russian fur hat designed with a soft crown): these fur hats are designed with a soft crown at the top. These fur hats keep the ear and cheeks warm during the winter period.

4.      Treuk: this is a typical Russian fur hat for the winter period. The hat is designed with 3 petals on each side to keep the ear warm as well as the nape. It has a fur trim that keeps the head protected from falling snow.

5.      Murmolka: this unique hat is designed with brocade or velvet; it has fur cuffs fastened as buttons and loops to the hat. It was initially designed for the nobles; hence, it’s designed with petals and feathers.

6.      Malakhai: this peculiar fur hat has 4 fur cuffs. The front cuff can either be folded or let down to protect the face from falling snow, while the rear and side cuffs protects the back of the head and the ears from the snow.

7.      Gorlatnaya: this fur hat is layered with brocade or velvet at the top, the fur trim is made from weasel, fox or sable fur. It used to be a fur hat for Russian nobility.

These fur hats will keep you warm as well as make you look stylish and chic during the winter.


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