Monday, 26 December 2016

Ladies, want a Real Fur Hat? Now know how!!

For a woman it becomes imperative to look chic even in the most difficult weather conditions. In winters one is just bothered about getting the right warmth for themselves from their clothing rather than styling up themselves. However, fur hats make it easy to get the trendy look and at the same time keep you warm throughout.
real fur hats
In winters women can seldom style up themselves. However, nowadays there are some cool options. The fur hats are an excellent way to get the look just what you are looking for. Its gives a very comforting feel at the same time gives a cute and chic look. However, there are a lot of faux fur hats also available in the market considering the demand for fur hats. Now it becomes difficult to determine which are the real fur hats. The faux fur hats are so well made that it takes some help to get to know whether it is real or not.

One can check your tag of the apparel to see the brand. The brand names reveal of them being real of faux. Some brands are well known in making faux fur hats while some only make the original ones. Also, the tag should be checked for the manufacturer, etc. One can select the hats by examining the back of the fur. Usually, real fur has a leather sort of feel from within. You should check whether the fur is dense or not. Only real fur is dense and soft. Also the touch and feel of real fur would differ from faux fur. Real fur is much more soft than the faux one. Faux fur is much less soft as compared to real fur. If it is still difficult to determine the real fur, one can take a slight part of the fur for the burn test. Faux fur would have a different smell when burnt and also it would form a round when burnt. While, real fur would have a unique hair odour.

real fur hats

One may thus select the right fur for themselves with the help. Also at Amifur we give you the real fur hats for women. The style options are varied to suit your style. Also a lot of colours are available for you to choose from. You can also pair it up with a woollen dress or a stylish overcoat to suit the occasion.

One can also select colours to suit your occasion. The fur has a very comforting feel which is required to make one look good on the outside. It is therefore essential to get the real fur and not the faux fur hats. It gives a very feminine look when coupled with lacy dresses. It also gives a royal look if paired with proper colours. One need not worry of styling up their fur hats as they generally team up to look good with absolutely anything. You can carry it off with pride and a smile! 


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