Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Fur Hats are Trending in Women’s Fashion

Come winter and the demand for hats among men and women increases substantially, to beat the cold. While there are a wide variety of hats to choose from, fur hats are trending in women’s fashion this season. Not only do they help you to stay warm in the freezing winter but also are very comfortable and fashionable. While there was a demand for faux fur a few years ago, due to the campaigns organised by organisations like PETA, real fur has made a comeback with a bang.
Mink fur hat ushanka

Real fur hats are made from ethically sourced materials and come with origin assurance labels that ensures their provenance. They are made from fur from animals like foxes, rabbits, minks, beavers etc. These fur hats are known for their stylish appearance and increase the glamour quotient of any wearer. Fur hats have been around for a long while, with them being mainly patronised by women from the Russian aristocracy. They have a feminine charm that makes the wearer more attractive. A variety of fur hats have originated and became popular in Russia.

While there is Plenty of Amifur real fur hats one of the most recognised are Ushanka a popular winter hat that is warm and thick and has ear flaps. The ear flaps are extra-long so that they can be knotted under the chin for extra warmth, when the weather is freezing. Alternately when the weather is not too cold they can be folded upwards. These have been a standard part of military uniform in Russia in winters. They are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit varying fashion tastes.
real fur hats

Another popular and well recognised fashion accessory is Kubanka a fur hat also that is also of Russian origin. It is made from ultra-soft karakul lambs and is round in shape with a top that is flat. Other materials used to make these hats include fur from black foxes. It has retained it popularity as a fashionable accessory over the years and many owners inherit it from their families as an heirloom. They go well with wide flared coats or classical styled coats without fur collars.

If you want to add that extra bit of style to your wardrobe all you need to do is get a fur hat. Apart from the popular Russian styled fur hats made from xo and mink fur there are various other casual fur hats made from other animal furs. Another fur hat that leaves an indelible impression on all is the silver fox fur hat that comes with an extended tail (great for extra warmth in chilly winters). The fur is soft and smooth and looks very glamorous. 
Sable fur hat

Also popular are golden fox fur hats that complement any winter costume to perfection. You can buy some of the best real fur accessories online from well-known sites, which offers a wide variety of real fur accessories, at very competitive prices. If you want to stand apart from everyone this winter, get a real fur accessory to jazz up your wardrobe. 


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