Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Stylish and Comfortable Amifur Fur Hat for Men, the New Macho Look

You might think it a sign of being stylishly male to venture out in biting cold weather with normal clothing and little or no head and ear protection. It might have been hip and cool at one time but then fashions are always in a state of flux. Currently, the fad is to keep you fully protected in winter and do it with a dash of style. When it comes to style you might think of a variety of headgear for winter protection but nothing measures up to the looks that fur endow on men. Rather than detracting from macho looks, it adds a touch of the wild.

Crystal fox fur hat Russian style, for men

The simplest of all headgear is the beaver that sits snugly on top, fitting the contours of your head and also covering up the ears—the most sensitive part of your head apart from the nose. Whether you are out on a jaunt or working, the visor style fur hat for men keeps you fully protected in the bitterest of winters while bestowing flamboyant good looks. Equally suitable for men of all builds is the Russian style hat crowning your head in furry glory with cascading side flaps to cover your ears and parts of the neck. The Ushanka is a variation of this style with protection for head, forehead, ears and neck portions. Choose one or the other and match it with a suitable scarf and you are right up there when it comes to style and being fully comfortable even in biting chill. With furry hats you can never go wrong. Please yourself and project just the right image of the macho man.

Golden fire fox fur hat Russian style, for men

Amifur fur hat for men are made from a variety of genuine, fresh and best quality fur. Yet, these are priced affordably. In use since 2000 years, fur as protection against biting cold for winter is unmatched. You could go in for hats made of beaver, mink, silver fox or sable, each with its distinctive properties and coloring. Beaver, for instance, has coarse guard hair with thick underfur for a full look and protection.  Fox fur sourced from the grey fox, red fox or the magnificent silver fox is characterized by long hair, distinctive coloring and a fluffy, silky texture. Sable is lustrous, warm and light weight. You do not have to worry about matching; so long as it is fur it looks good and feels even better.

Grey fox fur hat Russian style, for men

Sable is expensive but unmatched for sheer comfort, looks and feel. Next in terms of dazzling stylish looks is the silver fox fur hat Russian style that looks so marvelously trendy. The beaver is undoubtedly the most economically priced but does not lag behind in warmth or looks with distinctive warm red-brown coloring. One would assume that fur is expensive but Amifur makes them with loving care for trendy people using processes that reduce costs and they also operate with low overheads. As such, these hats give you top looks at bottom prices. Unlike woolens, genuine fur hats for men last for years and are more an investment than an expense. 


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