Monday, 27 June 2016

7 trending ways to wear real fur accessories this winter

As long as we have the winter season, wearing fur accessories will always remain a renowned fashion trend. The winter season shouldn’t stop you from looking sultry, sophisticated and chic. Who says you can’t look warm and fashionable?

Here are 7 ways to rock your Amifur-real fur accessories and make the best of them;

  1. You can choose to accessorize with a fur coat. Fur coats are available in different designs; they are made from the fur of animals. There are so many benefits attached to wearing a fur coat, it makes you look stunning and also keeps you warm. You can accessorize with just a fur coat or add other type of fur items to complete the look.
  2.     You can also accessorize with fur hats. Wearing a fur hat adds style, glam, and edge to your look. It keeps you in the fashion game coupled with giving your head the warmth it needs. Many designs of fur hats are available; it all depends on your preference and the look you are going for. Fur hats also come in amazing colors, so you can always opt for one that matches other accessories.
  3. A fur shrug is gradually becoming a trend once more; it is the most effortless accessory that adds glam, elegance, and sass to your look. It can be used to accessorize any choice of outfit (even casual wears). It is a must have for everyone.
  4.  Everyone opts for mittens during the winter period; fur mitts however are not so common. Fur mitts give warmth and it is a toned down way to accessorize with furs. Fur lovers out there can wear fur mitts as a touch of fur accessory.
  5. A versatile way of wearing a fur is as a vest. Fur vests can be worn with casual and elegant clothing; it can be worn outdoors or within the home. Fur vests are available in a wide array of designs, types and colors; you can select the best one that complements your outfit of interest. If you do not want to keep yourself fully warm, fur vest are a suitable option to consider.
  6. Accessories such as fur shawl, scarf or collars adds warmth to your every day coat worn during the winter. Fur shawls, scarves and collars come in different colors and designs. You can choose the designs and colors that go well with outfits you already own(both regular and winter clothing). These fur accessories add elegance to a regular look, it is a must have for everyone.
  7.  Furs are also used to accessorize clothing e.g. some boots are laced around the ankle with fur material, some regular winter gears are lined with furs for extra warmth, some leather jackets have a touch of fur around the sleeves and neck region, etc. There is no limit to how far furs can be used to accessorize an outfit. 


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