Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Russian Fashion Tips: Men’s Ideal Fashion Accessories When Travelling to Russia

We identify Russia as the land of never-ending winter, which often makes us wonder how people equip themselves during the coldest months in the country. We hear about New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and even fashion events held at Sao Paulo and Shanghai. While Russia has always maintained their consistent line of fashion models with their pale bony looks and outstanding bodies, people often wonder about the national fashion statements.

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Unlike popular belief, Russians complain of heat as well, therefore, it is not recommended to pack layers after layers before setting out the door. Bloggers and travelers have complained about the inconsistent hot climate there that even stretches them to switch on the ACs in a few hotels. While this may sound bizarre but Russian men’s fur accessories is not all that different.

Fashion basics for Men in Russia

Russian beauty standards for women are extremely far-fetched and utopian. This largely is propelled by the fact that a majority of the women serving amongst the fashion models is from Russia. Their ethereal body standards and perfect legs are the whole world’s obsession. Alternatively, Russia is slack about men’s fashion.

While the rules are not as strict as women’s, if you stroll the streets of Moscow wearing khaki pants and ski boots, people will be able to tell that you are a tourist. Amifur has a vast collection of Men's Fur Accessories and Russian sable hats that are considered prime fashion accessories in the country. As long as you are adding the national accessories, nothing could go possibly wrong in the over-layering of coats or jackets.

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It is unnatural of a Russian to wear fur coats and jackets simply because the country is one of the least flashy nations in the world. While you may often come across men sporting a fluffy winter jacket, they are almost always accessorized with Russian sable hats and fur scarves.

What colour should you be aiming?

Russians are not as liberated with colour experimentation as the people of Western Europe or America are. This aggravation of colour taboo had always been there but bands like Pussy Riot and the LGBT community have restricted the expression with colours considerably.

Russian men prefer sober and earthy tones compared to flashy neon or pastel shades. You can find neutral sable hats for sale in the online store, as they specialize in Russian men’s accessories. The implementation of black in Russian fashion is almost revered and has been running down generations without much change.

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While the use of colours is not entirely restricted or considered taboo, they choose their shades very carefully. For instance, for tourists, wearing pastel men’s fur hats in Russian style would not raise eyebrows because the people are not native. Similarly, every season has a secret colour code that people simply seem to adhere to.


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