Friday, 2 February 2018

Real Fur Collars: Best Winter Outfit Fashion

A warm, high quality fur collars, scarves and neck warmers makes an optimum choice for the cold winter season. The hub of our attention will be on real fur collars and scarves. In winter, cold is not only the problem, but how to dress up and look fashionable and trendy is vital. Real fur collars of different types are the best ingredients to make you look sophisticated and appear fashionable. Here we will talk about different types of fur outfits, to give you an idea on how to choose the right outfit for the winter.

Grey Fox Fur Collar
In winter we get many inquiries (regarding best and suitable fur outfits) and orders of men and women. Beaver, minks, Rex and sable fur scarves are one of the most liked and demanded product among men. Short and dense hair is a significant salient feature of a beaver, therefore, its furs are soft and very warm; it does not get soaking wet when water comes into contact and it is durable and long lasting if good care is taken. Beaver’s fur scarves are a perfect blend to men’s appearance. It is soft and the color on the fur remains almost the same the entire length which makes the scarf look good with a uniform color.
Black rex fur collar
These are one hot topic for modelers and people who love to look stylish and fashionable even during the winter. They often questions like, what fur collar would match my hair? Is it brown the best? I have a deep brown skin will a golden fox fur collar suit me? We enlist to you few types of Real fur collars at Amifur and see if it is informative and useful to you for choosing the best winter outfit.

Dark brown fox fur collar- This fox fur collar is absolutely soft, warm and a quality fur. Fox fur collar in particular gives an integrated benefit of heating up your body during the cold and help accomplish your desire to enhance your look with a refined detail that can be stunning.
Dark Brown Fox Fur Collar

Red fox fur collar. This collar fits women because of the red color. It really suits women having blonde hair and a fair skin. The red fox fur colors appear extravagantly beautiful in pictures too, as it is visible to the eyes even from distance afar. Golden Firefox fur- This fur collar also fits women; it looks trendy and fashionable even in cold winter; it is fluffy, soft, stylish, warm, and is available in very good quality.

White fox fur- Every fur has more or less the same quality and benefits, but it only differs on how it is worn, where and who wears it. This type of the fur collar looks good on mountains covered with snow.Silver fox fur- It is a beautiful fur collar with a stunning glittering silver color. It looks good in tight leather outfit to give more sensuality and make the one wearing it appear taller or lengthen the body structure.
Men's golden fox fur scarf

NOTE: Types of fox collar can really make a difference in your look, but do you really know how to wear and match it with the other outfit you wear? To choose correctly, we recommend you to wear and start comparing with the outfit you chose to wear.


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