Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How to know your real fur accessories is actually real or not?

Fur accessories have been a trend over the years especially during the winter season. They are not only stylish but also keep a person warm all through the cold days. One of the biggest concerns when buying fur accessories is whether you are buying the real fur or fake fur commonly referred to as fox fur. It can be difficult for many to tell the difference if they do not know what to look for.

Feeling the fur itself can tell you a lot about whether it is real or fake. Make a point, and see the fur in person before making the purchase, run your hand over the length of the fur. It should feel soft, not overly stiff, and it should consist of two distinct layers of fur. The two layers will include the longer guard hairs, along with shorter, softer under fur. Tufted or bristly fur does not indicate real furs.
Fake fur will not taper. If you notice that the strands on the fur accessory are tapered, getting shorter or narrowing as you go down the piece of clothing, this indicates real fur. If you are purchasing the clothing online, try to zoom in as close as possible to see if you can notice any tapering.
 Real fur will gather and bunch particularly on the sleeves, whereas, fake fur drapes noticeably and does not hold the plumpness. Even the new fox furs do not hang as stiffly as real fur; it is, therefore, important to check for bunching when buying Amifur real fur accessories. If you are buying online and you have the pictures, see if you can tell from the fullness of the clothing.

When buying a real fur coat or jacket, look at the inside of the garment, it will have a lining sewn inside. The lining of a real fur coat should be well tailored; the lining will tell you a lot whether you are dealing with real fur or fake fur. Real fur should have a second inner lining to reduce the wearing tension of the apparel. Fake fur does not include a second inner lining.

A pelt label is a good indicator whether you have the real fur. The label provides information on where the particular hides came from, indicating the quality of the fur. It will also signal that you are looking at the real fur. Fox fur accessories may have labels, but they do not make any claims as to where the fur came from for it is man-made.
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Real fur is a trend and will still be in years to come. It is very fashionable and makes one stand out among crowds, especially during occasions.


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